dubayaax a ts'awalk
everything is one


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DFN website posting April 13 2020

To all Ditidaht First Nation members,

We ask at this time, that you please watch for all updates on the Ditidaht First Nation website, and the official ‘Ditidaht First Nation’ Facebook page.

We have a Ditidaht Communications staff member that is posting all important distribution dates, places and times on these sites as she receives it.  As well as other important information.

We want to prevent any cross-messaging that may get confusing to members.

Thank you for your patience during the covid-19 pandemic that we are all working through the best we can.  If for any reason you do not receive your envelope in the mail, please be patient as the postal services may have their own safety delivery service occurring at this time.

If you have not yet submitted your mailing address, please do so to: Karen Mack, Membership Clerk

Email: Text: 1-250-918-4642  [NO DUPLICATES PLEASE]

Thank you,

Ditidaht Elected Chief and Council

Ditidaht Staff

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