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Member Update March 26, 2020.SAC

To:              Malachan Community Residents

From:          Chief and Council

Date:           March 26, 2020

Re:              COVID19

Ditidaht has been working very diligently to put safety measures in place for the community.

We strongly encourage members to stay within the community at all times. If you need to go do essential shopping, please let the Emergency Operations Centre know that you will be leaving the community by calling 250-745-3331 or 250-745-3572.

These are very stressful times for everyone and please be assured that we are doing everything possible to assist with the Ditidaht Community/Resident needs.

Next week, we will be doing another community shop to provide essential items for the community. If there is anything you need please let Jeneen Hunt know by calling her at 250-745-3331 or 250-745-35732.

Protection of our young children and elders is the highest priority and we must do our best to ensure that those individuals stay within our community for their own safety.

Ditidaht has Superior Propane coming down on March 31st and we will assist with the elder’s homes and SA recipients to ensure they have propane.

BC Update on COVID19

  • 42 new cases in BC: 659 total cases in BC, including 47 in Vancouver Island
  • In BC currently as of March 25th we have 64 hospitalized, 26 in ICU, 14 total deaths
  • 55 Health care workers have tested positive
  • Reminding that celebration and ceremonies that bring many people together, including our elders and seniors, need to be postponed
  • Health Authorities will let us know when there is a risk to the public where they can’t identify the individuals who are at risk from an exposure
  • Encourage everyone that self-isolation is making a difference
  • Symptoms of COVID19 include fever, cough, and tiredness; but more symptoms can develop including difficulty breathing and pneumonia. What should you do if you feel sick? Stay home, isolate yourself and call 811. Do not visit an emergency room or urgent care centre to get tested
  • What can you do to protect yourself;
  • Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly. Keep them clean
  • Keep at least 2 metres away from people who are sick
  • When outside home, keep 2 metres away from other people
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth
  • Unless you’re already infected, masks won’t help you
  • Be aware of travel advisories

Ditidaht Community Update

  • Over the last week, we have been providing food distribution to community members
  • We will prepare for another grocery run for distribution to be on April 2/20
  • If a community member must leave Ditidaht to get essentials, please call 250-745-3331 or 250-745-3572 to let us know
  • It is strongly recommended that children and elders stay in community
  • Patient Travel – Grace Marshall has access to some over the counter medication – please send her an email or call 250-745-3331
  • Finance has been in 2 days a week to process cheques and will continue to do so – Cheque pick-up is at the Community Services building
  • Our Emergency Operations Centre is at the Community Services building. We have been working with Indigenous Services Canada and First Nation Health Authority, as well as connecting with Emergency Management BC
  • Thank you for the sign from Ditidaht Economic Development Corporation for the sign advising non-residents that we are not accepting visitors

Ditidaht Chief and Council would like to thank the following people for their help/assistance during this time: Kelita Sieber, Crystal Watts, Grace Marshall, Estelle Fraser, Rod Fraser, Mathew Edgar, Darryl Tate, Donna Brown, Anne Pettet, Laura Peltier, Shelley Chester, Peggy Hewa Marambage, and, Jeneen Hunt.


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