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November 19, 2020

Ditidaht Membership: COVID-19 Update

“By order and direction of the Provincial Health Officer (PHO), all individuals, places of work and businesses in B.C. must significantly reduce their level of social interactions and travel until at least December 7, 2020.”

How this will affect the travel for the Ditidaht Community?

  1. Essential travel means: No more than two (2) members per household to travel outside the Malachan community for essential services only. (I.e., grocery shopping, pharmacies, banks, medical appointments).
  2. No family or friends are to come into the community until this phase is lifted by the Provincial Health Officer.  A checkpoint has been placed outside the community to ensure this is enforced.
  3. Any contractors coming into community will have to wear masks during their work period and must leave immediately upon completion of the work order.
  4. Do not travel for a vacation.
  5. Do not travel to visit family members outside of the community.
  6. No Ditidaht members from the mainland will be permitted to enter the community until this phase is lifted.

If you must travel for essential reasons, please ensure use of face masks and hand sanitizer at all times.  And wash your hands often.

How this will affect in-community business?

  1. There will be no visiting in any of the administrative buildings.
  2. A mask must be worn at all times while in any of the community buildings.
  3. No social gatherings of ANY SIZE with anyone other than your household or core bubble.
  • Do not invite friends or extended family to your household.
  • Do not gather outdoors or in yards.
  • No playdates for children.
  1. All Community events are canceled at this time.
  2. All services will be stopped during this period.

Please share this information with your family members

If you can, please help your fellow community members by:

  • Picking up their groceries
  • Picking up prescriptions
  • Picking up fuel for generators

Please help each other in any way at this very important time.

For more in-community information, please contact Karen Mack, Ditidaht Emergency Program Coordinator

For more information, please go to


Urgent Covid Bulletin Nov 19 2020.

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