dubayaax a ts'awalk
everything is one


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Distribution to DFN Membership APRIL 6

To All Ditidaht First Nation Membership living in Urban Communities,

We apologize for the delay to any and all concerns that members may have had regarding a distribution or help of any sort from our office.  We are aware that this is a difficult time for everyone.

We have been working diligently to find the best way we can contribute to the membership during the Corona virus crisis that is affecting our membership living in urban cities and in the community of Malachan.  The Community Services department and staff have been working on distributing food supplies in the community.

It has been decided by Chief and Council that we find the resources to help in any way that we can to help ease any worries.  A $50 gift card will be sent to each member per household to our Urban membership.  And we are working on having a fish distribution in the near future.

Please watch for posts on the dates for fish distribution.

Thank you,

Elected Chief Councillor, Brian Tate

Council members, Anne Pettet, Kelly Sport, Paul Sieber and Darryl Tate

All Ditidaht members are asked at this time to submit the following information as soon as possible:

  • List of all Ditidaht Member names per household.
  • Members most current Mailing Address

TEXT this information to:  Phone #: 1-250-918-4642

EMAIL your information to:   [email protected]

Please watch for a post on pick-up locations in cities on the Island. 

For our off Vancouver Island members, we will have their envelopes mailed to you.

Once a date is set, we will post safe designated locations for pick-up.

Please be patient as we work through this process. There are steps that we need to take to get these cards to you.

Let’s help one another!

If you know of any members that may not have access to social media, please contact them and share this information. We will do our best to reach all members as best as possible.