dubayaax a ts’awalk
everything is one

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Ditidaht First Nation

The land, the waters, the resources, the environment have always been the source of life, culture and spirituality of the Ditidaht People.

Clear air, pure water and the food of the forests and the waters of our Territory have sustained our people, our economy and our traditions.

That we hold the wealth of our Nation and the use of our lands, waters and resources in the future as we did in the past, to the common good and benefit of all Ditidaht, by fostering development that is based on the principle of caring for and maintaining our physical and spiritual linkages with our lands, waters and resources for all generations.

The Ditidaht Constitution

Ditidaht governance

Ditidaht First Nation is governed by an elected Chief and 4 councillors. Elections are held every 4 years (July).

Current Chief and Council

Judi Thomas – Chief Councillor

Terry Edgar – Councillor

Tina Joseph – Councillor

Karen Mack – Councillor

Derek Thompson – Councillor

Our territory
Ditidaht traditional territory is large. It stretches inland from Cowichan Lake, down through Nitinat Lake, and to the coast between Bonilla Point and Pachena Point. Our territory also reaches out to sea all the way to the salmon, halibut and cod banks that feed our people. It includes the headwaters of streams and rivers that drain to the coastline.

Traditional territory flyover tour
This video provides an introduction to the extensive lands and waters within Ditidaht traditional territory, highlighting a selection of areas used and inhabited by the Ditidaht for generations.

Ditidaht First Nation retains copyright over all information provided on these videos. These videos do not represent the entirety of Ditidaht Indigenous Knowledge or Ditidaht’s oral histories and do not address all matters related to Ditidaht’s Aboriginal rights, Aboriginal title or Ditidaht’s traditions and culture.

All information on these videos is provided for community educational and illustrative purposes and may not be used for any other purpose without the express written consent of Ditidaht First Nation Council including, without limitation, any regulatory or other government decisions, industry consultation processes or any court or administrative proceedings.

Land and resources
Ditidaht Fishery information
Economic fisheries
  • General regulations
  • Plans and enforcement protocols
  • Violation consequences – first and second violation
  • Timelines
Commercial fishery
  • Openings – notices
  • Closings – notices
Current projects
The Ditidaht Economic Development Corporation is working on a variety of projects designed to optimize existing resources and businesses and identify new opportunities. Learn more here.

Ditidaht Community Engagement Report April 2024

Attached to this is the Community Engagement Report that was present at the meeting on Saturday June 1, 2024. Ditidaht_CommunityEngagementReport_April 2024_final

DFN Budget & Strategic Report Back Meeting.

DFN Budget & Strategic Plan Report Back Meeting June 1 2024 Newletter - final Ditidaht First Nation Budget & Strategic Plan Report Back “What We Heard”  Date: Saturday, June 1st, 2024 Time: 10:00am - 3:00pm Location: Ditidaht Community Hall, Nitinaht Lake...

DFN Victoria Special Community Meeting

February 18, 2024 11:00am to 3:00pm DFN Special Community Meeting Color - Feb 18 24

DFN Duncan Special Community Meeting Information

February 18th, 2024 5:30pm - 8:00pm DFN Duncan Special Community Meeting Color - Feb 18 24

Urgent Call for Road Improvements to Address Emergency Access Issues in Nitinaht Lake Community

Sink holes Feb 10 2024 For Immediate Release February 10, 2024 Urgent Call for Road Improvements to Address Emergency Access Issues in Nitinaht Lake Community Ditidaht First Nation Territory / Nitinaht Lake, B.C. – In a remote area on the west coast, the Ditidaht...

BCGEU /Ditidaht First Nation

Communication and update on legal proceedings December 15 2023