dubayaax a ts'awalk
everything is one


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04.07.2020.COVID19 Member Notice

April 7, 2020

To:                  Ditidaht Members

From:              Chief and Council

Re:                  COVID19

Chief and Council would like to send all members word of encouragement and strength in dealing with the situation we find ourselves in. We are all in this together and fully understand the hardship and frustration that each one of us may be feeling during this difficult time.

The Community Services building is our Emergency Operations Center throughout this pandemic. If you go to our Ditidaht First Nation website at and our Ditidaht First Nation Facebook page at, you will find all the essential information from the Province of BC, Federal Government, First Nations Health Authority and Island Health.

During the last few days our Ditidaht Fisheries has been fishing for ground fish, such as halibut and lingcod etc., so please watch for updated posts on our Ditidaht First Nation sites (see links above) for delivery dates. Council is also discussing with other companies about possibly providing some fish and we will post an update as soon as possible.

For our off-reserve members, Karen Mack will post a notice on the Ditidaht website and Facebook page (see links above) seeking your updated contact information.  Karen will also have a list of phone numbers for those members who may require assistance but do not live at Nitinaht Lake. Council is also contacting local Friendship Centers to confirm their awareness of the $41 million funding which they must submit a proposal to Indigenous Services Canada in order to access the funds to provide some support to members that live off-reserve.

For our members in Nitinaht Lake:

  • We strongly encourage all community members to limit trips to town to once every two weeks – preferably not at all. Each time a community member goes out, there is an increased risk of contamination and spreading the virus in the Community. As Community Services is providing staple foods, please seriously reconsider trips to town
  • Ditidaht will continue the food distribution so that members can stay home during this pandemic
  • Ditidaht School is working on education package and our Daycare is working from home to provide online resources for our daycare children
  • Our Recreation Worker is also working from home to get activity ideas to the children
  • NRO/Fisheries/Housing/Public Works and the Administration are available for phone calls, but will be keeping the doors locked during this time
  • Accounts Payable will also be in operation during this time, but again, the office will not be open to the community
  • Mail and cheques can be picked up at Community Services
  • Only one person allowed in Community Services building at a time

We would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter and although this time is the time to spend with family, we encourage everyone to stay home in order to flatten the curve of the COVID-19 virus.