dubayaax a ts'awalk
everything is one


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My name is Uuyakmiss Estelle Rae Charles (Edgar). I was born to Hulakwii (Ralph Edgar) and Pam Mickey. I was raised by my late grandmother Caroline Mickey. I was also in and out of foster homes. My grandmother taught me about our culture and our natural laws. She taught me about who we are as kuu-us. I learnt our language and songs. When I was with my dad we would travel from potlach to canoe journeys singing and dancing as a family. I learnt to hunt fish and live off the land. It was not always this way my mother struggled with alcohol and drugs. I suffered from various abuses in life. I was addicted to drugs and alcohol. Through ceremony and hard work I got sober and put my life together.
I had my first child at 18 but still graduated from high-school and took some secondary courses. I was never sure what I wanted to do when I grew up so I did a bit of everything. Aboriginal law/mill work/human services work. My heart has always been driven by making change for our people. I was presented with an opportunity to work on our CCP (Community Comprehensive Plan). It was here I realized that my real passion was for our people. I had engaged in many different conversations with various organizations to make some real change through relationships to create jobs and opportunities for our people both at home and in urban areas. This was not something leadership at the time was interested in. I hear far to often how things can’t work and how this and that is the problem. My main concern is for our children and theirs after them. We need to be in solution and always finding a way to work together as a nation to create healing on a continuous stride.
I have spent the last three years working with our people in crisis. Learning a different language to build relationships and create solutions for our wellbeing.  I have developed various skills that would be useful with sitting on council for our people to help create the change we desperately need! The old way of thinking and doing things has gotten us no where we need change! I am honored to have an opportunity to even be in this position.  If I am elected I will work diligently towards real change for healing.