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DFN Land Governace Director RFP June 2020


Ditidaht First Nation (DFN) invites qualified firms or individuals to submit a proposal for consideration to take on the exciting challenge of implementing the DFN Land Code, which will include the development of regulatory instruments, administrative policies and procedures related to Ditidaht reserve lands and resources management. This will be a one-year contract with the possibility of negotiating an extension for one additional year if required. The firm or individual selected will develop a training program for two DFN members with the goal of cultivating the selected member’s land management capacity. The expected result being that the 2 selected DFN members are well positioned to fill the roles of Land Governance Director and Land Clerk at the conclusion of the selected firm or individual’s contract.


The DFN Land Code expresses DFN’s rights and governance authority over its lands. With the DFN Land Code as the guiding document the selected firm or individual will develop and manage the following key activities:

  • Physical office set up, including selection of electronic equipment and document storage
  • Facilitate the activities of the Land Management Advisory Committee, including support in developing rules and procedures for the conduct of its meetings and general affairs;
  • Work with the Lands Advisory Committee to:
    • Advise DFN Council and staff on matters respecting DFN Land;
    • Recommend to Council laws, resolutions and regulatory instruments respecting DFN Land;
    • Hold members information sessions to discuss land issues and make recommendations to Council on the resolution of land issues;
    • Assist with the flow of information on land issues between Members and Council;
    • Oversee Member approvals and other consultations under the Land Code.
  • Develop and implement a training and capacity building plan for two DFN Members;
  • Develop the DFN Land administration system, which includes but is not limited to:
    • Creating policy and procedures to be approved by Chief and Council with respect to the First Nation Land Registry system (FNLRS);
    • Creating any other regulatory instruments deemed necessary in the course of developing the Land administration system;
    • Creating an electronic lands inventory of all DFN reserve lands; and
    • Creating a system of document management.
  • Provide information to members and third parties about the status of DFN Lands and issues related to the granting, alteration, transfer or alienation of interests in those lands;
  • Act as a liaison between community membership, leadership, government and proponents;
  • Work with the DFN Natural Resource Manager, DFN Fisheries Manager and the Traditional Data Base Clerk as required. 


DFN will apply the following selection criteria to proposals submitted by a firm or individual:

  • Quality of proposal (clarity, organization, succinctness, detail, completeness, appearance, freedom from grammatical or other errors)
  • Firm or individual credentials
  • Background, resources, relevant projects
  • Education, training, experience, professional registrations
  • Value for money
  • Familiarity with First Nations, Land Code implementation, the Framework Agreement on First Nation Lands Management, local conditions
  • Understanding of DFN circumstances and needs.


Proposals submitted should include the following information:

  • Firm or individual credentials and experience
  • Description of approach to the scope of services
  • List of tasks to be completed
  • Description of deliverables
  • Expectations regarding remuneration
  • List of references (with phone numbers)


DFN Hours of Work are 8:30 – 4:30 Monday to Friday (or as agreed upon with DFN Administrator)

Note: Some communications activities such as conferences, meetings etc may require individuals to have a willingness and ability to work variable hours, including weekends and evenings


The firm or individual’s proposal must be delivered to DFN no later than 12:00 noon on Friday, September 11th, 2020. Late or incomplete proposals will not be considered.

Please submit your proposal electronically, using PDF format to: Jeneen Hunt, Ditidaht First Nation, Administrator  Email: [email protected] or by fax to 250-745-3332. 


Questions or clarifications regarding this Request for Proposals should be directed to:

Ditidaht First Nation Administrator, Jeneen Hunt

Phone: 250-745-3333

Email: [email protected]