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The Government of Canada has designed and launched a series of measures to provide timely and direct support to Canadians in response to COVID-19. These measures will help meet the financial needs of people across the country and help ensure that everyone can pay for essentials like housing and groceries during this difficult time.

First Nations, Inuit and Métis have access to all measures provided through the Government of Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan, and are encouraged to review it to see what financial supports might be available to them. Attached are a selection of products which provide more information on benefits provided, such as the Canada Emergency Response Benefit, increased Canada Child Benefit, special Good and Service Tax Credit payment, and Canada Emergency Student Benefit. Some are updates to documents which you may have previously seen. We appreciate your support in sharing this information widely:

  • A quick reference guide for individuals detailing the various benefits available and how to apply.
  • A quick reference guide on benefits available tailored specifically for students.
  • Individual scenarios, which provide some examples of what benefits First Nations, Inuit, and Métis individuals and families might receive based on their living situation.
  • A fact sheet on the Canada Emergency Response Benefit, which includes specific information for First Nations living on reserve.
  • Frequently asked questions on the Canada Emergency Response Benefit.
  • An infographic on accessing the GST/HST credit and Canada child benefit.
  • A guide on how to register for a MyAccount with the CRA, through which you can access your tax information quickly and easily.

For more information on the COVID-19 Economic Response Plan, visit:

Please reference and review the links below for more information.

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