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Sink holes Feb 10 2024

For Immediate Release

February 10, 2024

Urgent Call for Road Improvements to Address Emergency Access Issues in Nitinaht Lake Community

Ditidaht First Nation Territory / Nitinaht Lake, B.C. – In a remote area on the west coast, the Ditidaht First Nation people and travellers alike are facing critical emergency access issue due to a sinkhole blocking road access. Measuring three feet wide and four feet deep, this sinkhole creates instability across the entire road near Gus Bay. It has severed vital transportation routes, posing significant safety concerns and cutting off emergency access to the community.

The deteriorating road conditions have long been a pressing issue, impacting not only daily commutes but also emergency response times. The current situation underscores the urgent need for upgrades to bring the road to provincial standards. Despite repeated calls for action from the First Nation, road improvements have been delayed for far too long, jeopardizing the safety and well-being of the community.

The affected area, an industrial gravel road outside of Nitinaht Community, has been marked with safety indicators, and local members are stationed on-site to redirect traffic and ensure the safety of drivers. It is imperative for all individuals to exercise caution and heed the guidance provided by authorities.

In response to this emergency situation, an excavator will be deployed to open alternate road access within the next few hours. This swift action aims to restore crucial transportation routes and alleviate the immediate impact on residents and travelers.

“We recognize the severity of the situation and are committed to addressing it with the urgency it demands,” stated Judi Thomas, Chief Councillor, of Ditidaht First Nation. “Ensuring the safety and accessibility of our community members and visitors is paramount, and we are working diligently to expedite the necessary road improvements.”

The Ditidaht First Nation urge all residents and travelers to prioritize safety and cooperation during this challenging time. Updates on the road status and alternate routes will be provided as soon as they become available.