hishuk Ish ts'awalk
everything is one

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Latest news

Community-Based Researcher

The NTC Health department is directing a study to investigate population-level antibody response to COVID-19 vaccination, serum capacity for SARS-CoV2 neutralization after vaccination, vaccine effectiveness by case-control design, vaccine safety (i.e. side effects)...

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Candidate Information

My name is Uuyakmiss Estelle Rae Charles (Edgar). I was born to Hulakwii (Ralph Edgar) and Pam Mickey. I was raised by my late grandmother Caroline Mickey. I was also in and out of foster homes. My grandmother taught me about our culture and our natural laws. She...

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Note from Candidate

Crystal Amos, proud Ditidaht First Nations member, honoured nominee of the upcoming elections for the open seat on council. I have been thinking about why members felt the need to nominate me for these elections and let me inform you on why that may be so. I believe...

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